Products Return and Exchange Policy

Software & Hardware products.

Items featured on our website are futuristic and advanced. Our high-tech computers are made by well-known manufacturers, including HP, Cisco, Micron, Kingston, WD, IBM/Lenovo, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, DELL, APPLE, and SAMSUNG, based on INTEL and AMD processors.
Over the years, we have a variety of hardware devices available, including all server brands and models, printers, computers, desktops, video graphics cards, motherboards, routers, and so on. Old-generation machines are also supported to help clients find the best upgrades and provide them with just what they are looking for. It is usually a given that updating or adding additional memory increases most equipment's functionality. 
We know that updating the processor of a device with a quicker and improved solution increases performance and expands a product's useful life. Old-generation improvements are therefore made available to new hardware systems for cost-efficiency and durability, 
To help clients identify and pick the best items for their computer devices, we simplify our operation. Our "Ultimate Configurator" function allows you to check for the form of a device (e.g., Notebook Memory) or suppliers (e.g., Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM) and then lead you to the correct product line or model number. This function can be used to scan within seconds for the best combination. We successfully and carefully initiate almost 98 percent of our memory orders on the same day because of our advanced feature, "The Ultimate Configurator," and our streamlined supply chain management system. The client base of JBS Devices is wide. 








International orders

JBS Devices Delivers all over the Globe 

We deliver worldwide. Shipping is not limited to any country and our services are internationally accessible. International shipping rates can vary, so you may pick 'international shipping' as your shipment with your preferred goods at the checkout to determine the shipping rates. 

Then, before processing, you will be able to see the relevant shipping cost of your order. You can also select the highest delivery cost in the order form. For items heavier than 5 lbs., after receiving your order, we will send a quote via email. Our shipping rate estimator would not be of benefit in those situations. No processing fee is charged on any overseas orders. The consumer must pay any customs fees imposed by the customs office 

After labeling your order as merchandise, we list the actual value and contents of the box, e.g., 'Hard Drive - Computer Hardware'. If you wish to label your order as presents, we will only omit the receipt from the package at the time of order placing upon your request, but we cannot mark the order as a gift. 

If you are a consistent client, our order facility method would help you without any complications. We appreciate you placing your orders with us and all other foreign clients, but it is sadly not within our power to validate international credit cards due to the limitations imposed by your home country. Therefore, we are required to reserve the right to cap, postpone, or maybe cancel credit card payments for an order paid and delivered to international addresses. We also receive a variety of fraudulent credit card complaints. 

We suggest you pay by PayPal or Wire Transfer for us to validate credit card payments. 
We recommend that overseas credit card purchasers use PayPal to put their orders. You can easily pay at [email protected]. If you do not have a PayPal account, you are encouraged to use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to pay. Please also be aware that payment verification can take longer than 7 business days. 

If you have an official email address for the company's domain, the authentication of your payment will become smoother. Depending on the card issuer and/or country, checking a few Amex and Visa/MasterCard accounts is difficult. Therefore, we can ask you to email or fax identity evidence after verification options have been exhausted. Otherwise, by Wire Transfer TT, you may be asked to pay. 

Rules on Privacy 

It is not convenient for anyone to share personal information, and we appreciate that the client is still worried about the use and distribution of it. For both JBS Devices and our clients, we have developed a privacy policy that will work for our customers as well as our website. Our site is controlled by JBS Devices. If you visit our website (, we will assume that you have consented to this Privacy Policy being adopted. 

Includes information automatically 

We obtain and compile the provided data for our records at any point in time when you connect with us. Like several other pages, we use "cookies". When your Internet browser visits, for ease of order details and positioning, it collects some details (please refer to the sample of Information Collecting Process stated at the end of this policy). Many sites provide you the technologies to help you access the website anonymously, but we are worried that we will not be able to give you personalized support on our website due to your undisclosed ID in such a situation. 

Correspondence e-mail 

For us to make the e-mail process more effective, when you open an email from us, we will receive an email confirming you have read the delivered email. To prevent spam mail, we will also perform a contrast between our client list and other businesses, but only if your device allows such a feature. 

Data for Other Resources: 

The details obtained from consumers is for the main purpose of proceeding with the orders placed and is only used to give our customers the best possible service. Details could be obtained for other services from consumers, we will apply it to our consumer log to resolve any potential customer service issues. You should refer to the sample of the information collection process listed at the end of this policy to learn more. 

JBS devices cookies

Cookies are a type of discriminating icons consisting of letters and numbers that are read from your internet browser by your hard drive machine. 

Our website is customized to provide our consumers with a great experience. Therefore, based on the information we gather through the cookies, our webpages are updated. 

They can also provide the browser style information to show the characteristics and quantities of an object. 

You can opt to deactivate the browser's cookies. Allowing cookies, though, will help you make the most of the most unique programs, so we suggest that you set up an open status for this application. 

Data from other sources 

Below are some details of the information we get from other resources, like the information we get from our clients or third parties about the dispatch and address. It allows our documents to be corrected which makes it easier for us to contact you and deliver the next order in due time. 

Details about the account. 

Information for purchase or return. 

Keyword searches and outcomes generated by the operation of associated firms; information obtained from cooperative companies on web surfing. Search results and ties, including a non-free archive of searches. can quickly access the documents containing the current order information, identifiable personal information (including name, email address, password, directory inquiries, etc.), payment settings (including credit card details), and so on. You can contact us by email or phone if you have any more questions or queries. 

Return Policy 

We seek to make the experience of our customers during the purchase and distribution as seamless as possible. After all attempts and vigilance, it is not assured, though, that nothing can go wrong and the consumer may decide to refund the product. 

In this case, by subscribing to the terms and conditions below, please create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) submission. For both our company partners and customers, this page discusses our policies in all those situations. 

See below for the words mentioned. 

You must mention any inconsistencies between the order put and the goods obtained within 2 days of delivery of the order. Customers who are not consumers are included among our "Business Customers" Whereas, our "Consumer" includes persons who do not behave for the interests of their organisation or career. 

Order Cancellation 

If a client or company account wants to cancel an order, we will not charge them anything extra until the order dispatching process until receiving an email with the order reference number or PO number. Failure to email before the order is dispatched would impose a 25 percent re-stocking fee. If the package has already been dispatched, we recommend that clients or company accounts not open the shipment upon its delivery. Over the next 14 days of the delivery of the package, consumers may then arrange to return the shipment at their own cost and through mail. Using the original outer packaging, you may guarantee the item is properly re-packaged, or a 25 percent re-stocking fee can be paid. 

Within 14 days of the customers' signed goods, we insist that the goods stay unused so that we can accept them in a resalable state, including all accessories, packaging, etc. 

You must arrange protection against the goods when they are in transit to limit responsibility for damaged goods. Please also remember that you are expected to plan and pay for the return of the shipment. Our shipments that are non-returnable and non-cancelled contain orders that are delivered directly from suppliers. 

Conditions for Non-Faulty returns 

If we consent, at our exclusive discretion, to allow the return of unwanted items for credit, the merchandise must be returned within fourteen days of delivery with our prior written arrangement, unopened, with the seals of the suppliers intact, and in a resalable condition. Whereas, all non-faulty returns are responsible, depending on the case, for a 25 percent restocking charge, unless improperly given by JBS Devices. In the condition, if the buyer fails to return wrongly supplied products in their original state, including the tools, manuals, applications, and warranties of the goods, a 25 percent re-stocking fee may be charged. Customers are required to repack the items the same way they were shipped. Customers will bear the shipping costs and send items back through mail.

Procedure of RMA 

Please send an RMA request by submitting the following terms and conditions for the return of all products to JBS Devices, independent of the reason for the return: Goods must remain undamaged and must be returned, with all accessories, manuals, applications, and warranties originally in the box, in their original state. Upon obtaining your RMA number, you must safely repackage the items, preferably inside the original outer box, in the same condition as they were shipped to you. If the original box is labeled or destroyed in some manner, a restocking charge of 25 percent might be available. Refrain from writing about the outer package/box specifically. Customers will bear the shipping costs and send items back through mail.

Ensure that the RMA number written on the outer package/box is easily visible; failure to do so would result in the package being refused. 

Write the full address of JBS Devices specifically on the outer package/box using a sticker. Once the items have been obtained and checked, within 10 days of receipt of the defective item, we will refund the repair item to you. 

Damaged goods complain: 

If the goods are defective upon arrival, please be sure to sign the goods with the courier as faulty and immediately contact us via email or mobile. Customers will bear the shipping costs and send items back through mail.

In every such scenario, within two working days of arrival, we recommend that you report the defective goods to us. 

Hardware replacement may be invalidated for the following reasons, including, but not limited to: Against the data given on the RMA form, the good is not defective. If the object has been compromised or tempered. 

When the wrong software is used, JBS Devices holds the right to charge a 25 percent restocking fee if the original box has been destroyed or if the parts and accessories of the package are missing. Please reach us by phone or email to learn more about our return policies and for any queries. Customers will bear the shipping costs and send items back through mail.

Conditions for Shipping 

FedEx tracking number is not running, what's the problem? 

One of your items may have been removed from the box by FedEx, or they may not have delivered all of your items. In such a scenario, you might be asked to wait a bit longer for the things you ordered to be shipped. However, if your order is unfortunately not received, you can contact our customer service or our shipping department for an update on your package. If you get a faulty shipment, you may call the carrier directly. 

What do I do if I am unable to receive my order within the period selected by UPS/FedEx? 

We recommend that you review the UPS/FedEx Details. Message and learn whether a delivery re-attempt is allowed. On the Details Note, you will even leave a message for the courier to tell him how the delivery can be delivered; leave it at your door or send it to a new venue. 

We recommend that you visit the UPS/FedEx page and type your Details Request number on the website so that you can change the time of delivery or return your order to the shipper. Is my order possible for me to pick it up? 

JBS Devices provides you with the ease of picking up your order. 

To do this, simply pick the shipping form "I want to use my shipper" in your shopping cart and enter "will call" in all the blank information before pressing update. Once you do this, as you usually will, resume the checkout process and wait for us to contact you. Whenever your order is ready to be picked up, we will call. Please be aware that we will contact you after approving your order, so we recommend that you not visit the office until you have been informed. 

Are we shipping internationally? 

We are proud to pursue a very stringent customer-centered approach, and we also ensure that consumers benefit from our goods and services provided worldwide. 

We move globally, but regretfully remind you that in your home country, we do not pay tariffs and taxes, and ask you to pay domestic shipping charges. 

Do we ship to addresses that are APO or FPO? 

You should be assured that we send to APO addresses and FPO addresses. Orders sent to APO and FPO addresses, however, can only be sent by the US postal service, with little discretion about the timing of delivery.

If so, how do I contact FedEx? 

FedEx can be reached on the official website:, or by calling their toll-free number at 1-800-463-33399. (1-800-GO-FEDEX).

Can JBS Devices account for the risk of returning products that are faulty or destroyed upon delivery for shipping? 

It is with sadness to state that we will not pay delivery charges for returned goods that are faulty, but with mutually agreed negotiations, we will satisfy you. If you agree to pay for the refund charges for the faulty piece, we will happily repair and send a new item to you free of charge. 

Standard Free Delivery 

If a non-defective item eligible for free regular shipping is returned for a refund, we will subtract the shipping costs from the refund number. 

If you return a free regular shipping item because it is faulty, we will repair the item and provide you with a free one-way ground shipping service. 

However, if the order does not wait longer, you will have to pay for the extra cost. 
In the event of failure to locate a substitute for an object, please be assured that we will refund the full value of your orders. 

Shipping Services 

JBS Devices makes use of the delivery systems of UPS, FedEx, and USPS in all regions of the US to transport goods directly from its warehouses. Our primary distribution partners are all the transportation providers listed. Many orders are delivered by JBS Devices within 24 hours of order placing. 

Our list of shipping services with their corresponding cut-off times is listed below: 

Ground: The transit time in the US ONLY is from 3-7 business days, the cut-off time is 1 pm Central Time. Ground orders can be delivered either by UPS or USPS, depending on the venue. 

UPS 3 Day: UPS orders are in transit for 3 business days, but ONLY in the US. 

UPS 3 Days' time cut-off1pm FedEx 2 Day: For orders made ONLY in the US, FedEx takes 2 business days in transit and the cut-off time is 1 PM Central Time. 

Standard Overnight: For orders made ONLY in the US, the standard delivery service takes around 1 business day in transit. 1 PM Central Time is the cut-off time. We can deliver the order via UPS Red Saver or FedEx Normal Overnight service, depending on the venue. 

Priority Overnight: 1 business day transfer time for orders placed in the US ONLY, with a 1 PM Central Time cut-off time. We will offer UPS Red or FedEx P1 Overnight service, depending on the venue, guaranteeing delivery by 10:30 AM on the same day. International Shipping: 1 PM Central Time is the cut-off time for all international orders. 

Using the FedEx International Economy process, we ship international orders. 

APO/FPO: JBS Devices uses USPS Registered Mail to ship all APO/FPO orders. 

Puerto Rico/Canada: All orders delivered to Puerto Rico/Canada are shipped by the delivery system of FedEx's International Economy, although their cut-off time is 1 PM Central Time. 

Saturday Shipping: It operates in all US states and on all orders made on Friday. The cut-off is midnight Central Time and orders can be delivered by the Saturday Delivery system of UPS or FedEx. 

What is the cut-off time?

Cut-off time mentions the time after order placing your order will be processed. If your order is received before 1 PM Central Time, it will be handled on the same day, although it will be processed on the next business day if your order is placed after 1 PM Central Time. if you want your order to be delivered before or after the above cut-off dates, please contact our Sales Department and we will look into your case. 

Delays in Shipment 

On weekends and holidays, our delivery system does not process any requests. Because each order goes to processing time, if possible, we ask you to be careful. We want you to note that assured delivery facilities, not counting the time it takes to process the shipment, are only guaranteed for the transit time. It is humanly difficult to ensure that all orders will be delivered on the same day, while most orders are shipped on the same day. For orders made from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada, and other foreign locations with JBS Devices, we cannot guarantee fixed shipping dates. 

If an ordered object is missing from my box, what do I do? 

Please make sure that you can all the shipments for which you have obtained the tracking numbers. If you do not locate the goods, please email our customer service or our Shipping Support Team at [email protected] or call us at +1 469-459-9688