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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions most frequently asked by JBS Devices users

How to use JBS Devices?

Every device sold on our website comes with a user manual that is simple and easy to read. By reading the manual thoroughly our customers can understand the product and use it properly. 

Is it safe to use JBS Devices?

JBS devices are 100% original and safe to use. All the products on our website are assessed by the team in every aspect to make sure that only the most reliable and durable products are offered to our customers. 

Are all the brands on JBS Devices verified?

All devices sold on JBS Devices are verified and original. JBS Devices does not deal with any kind of counterfeit product. It is a part of our selling policy that the products sold on JBS Devices are branded and verified by our experts. 

Can I sell on JBS Devices?

Any brand interested in selling their products on JBS Devices can contact our team and by emailing us. We go through a strict checking procedure to make sure that the products are genuine and authentic only after going through a series of checks the products end up on our websites. 

What are the different payment methods on JBS Devices?

Stripe, We offer the best payment merchants to secure our clients details.